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The School Day

The School Day

Below you can see the outline to a typical KS1 and KS2 school day

Children can arrive in school from 8:40am, they enter their classes via their classroom doors.

If you send your children to school BEFORE 8.40am they are not yet the school’s responsibility and could, potentially be at risk on an unsupervised open space. 

Breakfast club is available from 8:00am each day, you can book your child into this club via the office.  Breakfast club costs £2.70 each day. 

A KS1 School Day

8.40am-8.50am  Children arrive via classroom doors
8.55am Registers taken
8.55-10.15am First session
10.15-10.30am Break
10.30-11:45am Second session
11:45- 12:45 Lunch
12:45 - 15:10 Third session
15:10-15:25 Children collected from their classroom doors

A KS2 School Day

8.40am-8.50am Children arrive in school via their classroom doors
8.55am Registration
8.55-10.30am First session
10.30-10.45am Break
10.45-12.00pm Second session
12.00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-3:00pm Third session
3:10pm - 3:25pm Children collected from their classroom doors 


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