In an area defined both culturally and physically by its history, we feel that it is essential that the pupils of Treverbyn Academy are given the experiences and skills necessary to build a secure understanding of the development of both the local and wider world around them.


In line with the National Curriculum, it is our intention for our history curriculum to provide pupils with a progressive range of topic-based learning experiences which contribute to the building of a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past in relation to Britain, the world and their local area as part of an overall interlinked web of contextual comprehension.


We aim to promote an understanding of the drivers of change and the impact that significant changes have had on people’s lives and we encourage pupils to reflect critically on the process of change.  


By mapping out our key focus areas in each year group, both locally and globally, against a whole school timeline, we provide the tools to interact with and understand a chronological narrative of the world.


Our teaching is hinged upon a clear progression framework of the skills of historical enquiry relating to the National Curriculum and is tracked across year groups to ensure that pupils are equipped and ready for the next stage of their learning.


With such a clear local identity, we aim to ensure pupils have a clear knowledge and understanding of the significant figures, industry and landscape of our locality, which includes the china clay industry and Cornwall’s development through mining, fishing and as a tourist destination.

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