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Statement of Intent

Treverbyn Academy – Built on aspiration, perseverance, collaboration and compassion. 


Treverbyn’s curriculum has been specifically designed to inspire enthusiasm for learning and develop a growth mindset. Learning opportunities are immersive, creative and enveloped in our core values of aspiration, perseverance, collaboration and compassion.


Our curriculum is broad and balanced. It is built upon the national curriculum and triangulates with our local priorities of:

  1.      Our unique local heritage and traditions in order to ignite a sense of passion, pride and belonging to our community.
  2.      And nurturing students’ mental and physical well-being in order to promote inclusion and enable them to engage in all aspects of school life. 

Carefully planned and designed launch events are used to motivate and inspire pupils and hook them into our topic-centered approach.


Each subject area is carefully laced together by the prioritizing of reading and language development across the curriculum. Our core subjects of English, maths and science are at the heart of every learning opportunity to enable us to develop a depth of understanding and support children to build a secure web of interlinked concepts.


Lessons are designed, adapted and developed to ensure all students are able to demonstrate sustained progress over time. Our curriculum is planned to provide the experiences and opportunities to create a level playing field in cultural capital. We aim to give our pupils access to the very best knowledge of previous generations and inspire them to take up the torch fully armed for the modern world.


Team-work, cooperation and responsibility are an essential foundation for the high standards of our behaviour expectations and we pride ourselves on building healthy relationships between our emotionally available adults and our pupils. We enable children to take on key roles, becoming involved in the community, celebrating local traditions, learning new skills and enabling them to take an active part in events throughout the year to develop a sense of belonging and a sense of place. Our enrichment opportunities have been developed to engage learning and recognise individuality.


Our staff are passionate about collaborating with children and ensuring that they leave Treverbyn with a sense of care and compassion to be effective citizens of the future. We are proud that they continue to develop the aspiration and perseverance skills that are needed to be lifelong learners.

For our intent statement, our definitions are:


Aspiration – a hope or ambition to achieve the exceptional.


Perseverance – continuing to do something despite not achieving immediate success.


Collaboration – the action of working with someone to achieve something.


Compassion – the ability to understand others and work positively to support their feelings or situation.

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