Creative Arts - Key Aims: 
  • To inspire creativity through a range of different media.
  • To develop resilient learners that reflect on their work to enable progression.
  • To create kind, compassionate learners who can work reciprocally and respect the views of others.
  • To discover and explore transferrable life skills in a stimulating way.
  • To further enhance social and emotional wellbeing in all children.
  • To know how art and design both reflect and shape our history and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.
  • To achieve and exceed the expectations of the National Curriculum.


Art – We are artists:

  • We are encouraged to be creative with a range of media.
  • We appreciate a range of artists, artistic styles and movements.
  • We reflect on and respect work created by ourselves and others to enable us to progress.
  • We are inspired to work resiliently to explore and discover creative individuality.
  • We are developing transferrable life skills.
  • We are encouraged to work collaboratively and share each other’s successes. 
Please see the document links at the end of this page to learn about the full Art Curriculum at Treverbyn Academy.
In Reception, Art falls within the 'Expressive Arts and Design' area of learning. Children are taught different artistic methods and techniques and are provided with open ended resources for them to practice and experiment with during their free time. Children will be exposed to artists and their work and will use their work as a stimulus for their own masterpieces.
Useful links for parents:
Document links:
Below shows the Art progression in each year group
Below shows some art around our school.

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