Our topic-based learning approach aims to inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination towards the world around them.


As with its history, our local area is heavily influenced both culturally and physically by its geography. We aim to provide the pupils of Treverbyn Academy with the experiences and skills necessary to build a secure understanding of their locality and how it compares and contrasts with the diverse places across the wider world.


We aim to promote a clear understanding of both physical and human processes on the Earth and the impact that significant changes over time can have on people’s lives.


Our teaching is hinged upon a clear progression framework of the skills of geographical enquiry relating to the National Curriculum and is tracked across year groups to ensure that pupils are equipped and ready for the next stage of their learning.


With such a unique and celebrated local landscape, we aim to ensure pupils have a clear knowledge and understanding of the significant aspects of our locality. Including Cornwall’s position as a coastal county; Cornwall’s industrial development through mining, fishing and as a tourist destination; as well as the local impact of the china clay industry.

Treverbyn Academy
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