School Dinners

Here at Treverbyn our meals are provided by Aspens. Each school meal is prepared fresh every day by a dedicated team of chefs and kitchen staff, and offers a healthy and tasty meal to support pupils’ development in school. 
Eating well is important to us all to keep us healthy.  The Food Standards Agency offer 8 Top Tips for Eating Well:
1. Base meals on starchy foods eg potatoes, cereal, pasta, rice or bread.
2. Eat as much of fruit and vegetables as possible
3. Make fish a regular part of your weekly diet
4. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar
5. Eat less salt
6. Get active and be a healthy weight
7. Drink plenty of water
8. Don't miss breakfast!
Staff start early to provide food for breakfast club.  Children have a large variety of cereals to choose from, toast is also included with various spreads and toppings. The cost of breakfast club is £2.70 per day, children can arrive from 8:00am.
There are a range of tuck options available from the kitchen the latest menu is available below.  The School Fruit & Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) is a Government scheme which entitles every child aged between 4 and 6 years old, to a daily piece of fruit or vegetable.
As of September 2014, every child on roll in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will receive a free school meal. The latest menu can be found below.
Packed Lunches
If your child does not require a school lunch, then they can bring a healthy packed lunch from home. A healthy selection of food from each food group is recommended:
An example of a healthy packed lunch:
A cheese or chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread
carrot sticks
rice cake
low fat yoghurt
a drink of water
Fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate are not part of a healthy lunch box.
School Drinks Policy
When children start school in Reception, they are given a school water bottle which is designed to last them through to Year 6. This bottle is for water only. In class children are able to drink water through the day using their bottles.  If they would like a water based drink at lunch time, ie squash they are welcome to do so.

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