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Weekly Learning Projects
 Accelerated reader
You can access your AR reader account through your wonde login or if you click on the link below. 
You don't need to have read a school book, most books have quizzes available on their site, just search for the title( sometimes if the books has been printed a few times the cover illustrations may be different but the text is still the same). 
If you can't find the book online contact school and we will see if we can add for you. 
Accelerated Reader have produced an online library full of books, all with quizzes, that are free to read and use. 
White Rose Maths activities Year 3
White Rose Year 4 Maths activities
Everyone's favourite subject! There are lots of online activities and games on the weekly learning projects. 
How we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 
Our calculation policy follows through each operation showing the progress and processes that we work through. It follows a concrete (solving problems practically), pictorial (drawing images) and abstract (using written methods) approach.
White Rose 
An online maths resource that have created different questions for each day of the week.  - Update - White Rose have changed their videos to include some questions and the additional worksheets can now be found above. 
Numbots and TT Rockstars
Logins for thesetwo activities have the same username and password. Children's wonde logins link straight to their own TT rockstars and numbots accounts.
Hit the button
A great online game that covers  number bonds,doubles, halves, times tables and division facts.
Daily 10
10 timed questions on a topic of your choice! Choose own topic, and set your own time. (Year 4 love the times tables with 5 seconds for each question!)
Problem solving and reasoning activities
 The NRICH website has a large amount of online activities.