At Treverbyn we use Accelerated Reader as scheme to motivate and promote independence in reading for children between Y2 and Y6.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is computer programme that encourages independent reading in pupils. The software initially screens pupils according to their reading levels, and suggests books that match their reading age and reading interest.

Pupils take computerised quizzes on the books they have read and earn points related to difficulty. Children are encouraged to choose books around their suggested level that appeal to them.

Their understanding of the books is measured by taking a short quiz at the end of each book they have read. Children are motivated by reaching their targets and collecting points for different books read.

Progress is monitored by regular star reading assessments which check the children’s reading ability, reading age and fluency.

Children often like to read books from home which as a school we encourage. Often their ‘home books’ also have quizzes that the children can take. You can check this by clicking here: