• If there is change in your address or telephone number please inform the office immediately, as we may need to contact you in an emergency.
  • Please telephone or send a note if your child is suffering from any infectious illness - if in doubt, please ask in the office for advice.
  • Please inform us if your child has Head Lice ("nits").
  • First aid is given in the event of an accident, but if a doctor’s or hospital visit is thought to be necessary, where possible, you will be contacted.
  • Please inform us if your child suffers from asthma.
  • The school cannot give medicines unless parents fill in a form.  The form is available at the office.
  • Please bring the exact dose in a sealed labelled container.  We do not administer aspirins.
  • The school nurse will make an appointment to see your child in the first year at school.  You are invited to attend.
  • Please contact the school if you have any worries about your child’s sight, hearing or speech development, as a problem with any of these could affect your child’s learning.

Medical/Dental Visits
Written notification is required if a child has to leave the school premises for a medical or dental appointment.  Parents MUST report to the office and the secretary will bring your child to you in the Reception Area.

Attendance and Absences
Regular attendance is required and parents should try to make every effort to ensure children are not late.  Parents are requested to notify the school of their child’s absence by telephone or letter. We ask you to inform the office on the first day of absence that your child will be away.  If we do not hear from you we will contact you to discuss.  Unexplained absences will be classed as unauthorised. Please see the office if you need to request a leave of absence due to exceptional circumstances.

If your child has to leave school early for any reason, please inform the office who will inform the class teacher and make sure the child is collected from the Reception area.  No child should leave the school premises during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or an authorised adult. .

Fist aid equipment is kept at a central First Aid station and a number of staff are trained in First Aid.

It is very important that the office is made aware of your telephone number at home and at work, or an alternative method of contacting a parent should the occasion arise.